Stephanie L. Cullins is a working professional in the nonprofit sector and a wellness practitioner and facilitator.

Stephanie has been actively working in the nonprofit and public sector for over eight years, is a graduate of Rutgers University, and holds a Masters in Public Administration.

Stephanie is also the founder of Yoga Gives, a start-up nonprofit organization working in community to make yoga and wellness practices accessible to all.

She has over 500+ hours in yoga teacher training and is certified in Level 1 and 2 Angelic Reiki.

Stephanie utilizes these wellness modalities to serve the marginalized and provide support to those looking to heal mindfully.

Stephanie also serves as the Director of External Affairs at one of the oldest foundations in the U.S. and has a strong professional background in fundraising, public affairs, outreach and policy.

Stephanie's goals align with continuing to make wellness modalities accessible for all, advocating for progressive ideologies, and helping individuals and groups heal and mediate in a mindful manner.


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mom + wife

Being a mother is my greatest responsibility in this life. Teaching my little girls responsible action, mindfulness, compassion, love and helping them see the true light and beauty of life is my life’s mission.

I consciously try to do so in our everyday lives but also in how I represent myself as a woman, professional, first-generation Latina, and more.


I am forever grateful for my union with their father to have created these beautiful, smart, and intrigued growing girls who will one day lead by example in their own unique ways.


My husband Kristian has been my best friend since we were 16 years old. We’ve grown through young age, college, trials and triumphs, marriage, pregnancies, parenthood and ultimately built a long lasting partnership.

I am so grateful to move through our life journey together and raise our daughters to collectively learn and be loved by us both. Many times I am looked at as the leader, teacher, trainer, etc., but unbeknownst to many he is my greatest teacher. He is always highlighting humility, gratitude and living in the present, and for that I am eternally grateful for him.

In a nutshell...

* I’m a millennial mom always trying to find healthy ways to integrate work/life balance.
* I’m a first-generation Latina that will always advocate for human rights, along with social, racial and economic justice for all.
* You’ll always catch me bumping some old school or new reggaeton/Latin trap music.
* There’s nothing that a good holistic facial and therapeutic massage can’t fix.
*I am forever grateful for the life I have; past, present and future.
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