What service may align with your needs?

Ready to take your healing and wellness practices to the next level?

Looking to improve your physical and mental well-being?

Open to new modalities that will help you balance your emotions and help heal your traumas?

Need help facilitating a group with mindful practices?



I'm about meeting realistic goals in a mindful manner.
I do more than just make you feel good in the moment.

I leave you and your team with mindful techniques, tools, and suggestions to transform your current circumstances or meet a goal.

When you invest in adapting new mindful practices and/or healing modalities with me, you and/or your team will:

✔ Finally implement effective healing practices to maximize mindfulness and awareness.

✔ Master the day in an effective way through energy, movement, facilitation and so on.

✔ Combat stress, physical and emotional imbalances, and level out your nervous system and chakras.

✔ Transform your daily routine to incorporate mindful or healing practices that best benefit you.


What folks are saying:


Jamie Hanley, LPC, C-IAYT

Stephanie brings enthusiasm, passion, and drive to every project. Her dedication to creating a more equitable society is always at the heart of her work. I am grateful for Stephanie’s guidance and leadership in educating wellness professionals on how we can truly be of service to all beings everywhere who are in need of healing. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this whole thing work?

Deciding on a single service or package that is the best fit for your needs is where we will begin! That decision can be made pre or post our initial consultation where we discuss what your needs are and how I can best serve you.

How often do we work together?

This will be determined based on your service/s of choice and a mutually established schedule that works for both parties.

Are there any requirements for any of your services?

There are typically no requirements, minus the will to have an open mind and heart. Whether you’re looking for facilitation, a presentation, or a healing modality like yoga or angelic reiki, we will work together to establish a plan that best works for both parties.

How soon can we work together?

This is dependent on the service you’re inquiring about and the availability in my schedule. Typically, we can begin our work together in about 2-4 weeks from our consultation.